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Efficient teamwork made easy. Our Cuberion App offers a wide range of features that simplify your daily work routine. No two companies are alike, which is why “Cuberion” provides modules tailored to your company. These modules can be expanded or modified at any time.

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We understand that every company is unique and has different requirements. That’s why we offer additional features that can assist you in your daily business operations. Our goal is to provide you with customized solutions that perfectly align with your company.

Communication and exchange

Our survey module offers a flexible platform to conduct surveys on various topics, be it concerning work, company events or individual concerns. It enables a holistic capture of employee opinions, encourages participation and ensures transparency. Whether it’s about decision making, employee engagement or event planning, our module keeps you up to date and actively involves all employees in the discussion process.
This feature provides you with up-to-date information and news from your industry. Stay informed and leverage this valuable resource for your business decisions. Find out what’s happening in your industry, right in your Cuberion app.
The chat function facilitates real-time communication, making it easy for employees to connect, collaborate, and share information effectively.
Our registration module provides a user-friendly platform for managing registrations, whether for corporate events, team dinners or employee outings. It provides a clear overview of registered participants and facilitates the organization of events.
Our Contacts module offers a comprehensive solution for managing and organizing your contacts. You can store all your contacts in one place and divide them into authorized groups. The module enables easy and efficient communication by providing direct contact options such as email and phone calls. With our module you’ll keep track of your contacts and you’ll be able to quickly connect with relevant people, making communication and collaboration easier.
Our emergency number module provides a reliable solution to efficiently manage key contact information for emergency situations. You can store all relevant numbers in one central location, from emergency medical numbers to important corporate contacts. When needed, you can call up these numbers with a single button click.

Coordination and planning

The tasks module provides an efficient way to manage tasks, projects, and obligations. Users can create tasks, set priorities, establish deadlines, and track progress. This promotes organization, enhances time management, and facilitates collaboration among team members. The module also allows for the quick identification of pending tasks and aids in meeting deadlines and commitments.
The Reports Module in the Cuberion Employee App simplifies the creation and management of work reports. It offers customizable templates, multimedia integration, real-time updates, and analytics features. Direct communication between employees fosters collaboration. Simultaneously, the app ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and provides security features to protect sensitive information. In summary, these features enhance reporting and data analysis in businesses efficiently and user-friendly.

Document and record management

The Gallery provides a clear, user-friendly way to organize, share, and collaborate on visual content. It saves time and enhances the efficiency of your teams, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.
Our document module offers an efficient solution for managing and sharing work documents. Whether reports, presentations, contracts or other relevant documents – you can upload them conveniently and share them seamlessly with your work colleagues. With a clear structure and search function, you always keep track of your documents. Increase team collaboration and efficiency by easily organizing and sharing important resources.
Whether you’re acquiring new skills or need to comprehend complex processes, our instructional module provides clear step-by-step guides and interactive elements to assist you. Track your progress and enhance your professional development for success.
The quality reports module is an integral component that enables companies to elevate their quality management processes to a higher level. With this module, you can collect, analyze, and present data. Utilize powerful analysis tools to identify patterns, trends, and deviations in quality data. Generate meaningful quality reports that visually showcase the collected data. These reports serve as a valuable foundation for decision-making and strategic planning. The module promotes a culture of continuous improvement by helping companies set quality goals and track actions to achieve these objectives. Ensure compliance with quality standards and regulations while enhancing transparency in your quality processes. Through the automation of quality reporting processes, you can save time and resources while improving data accuracy. Overall, the quality reports module offers a comprehensive solution to enhance a company’s product and service quality, ultimately boosting competitiveness and increasing customer satisfaction.

Logistics and work equipment

Our app provides a simple solution for efficient management of corporate resources. With just a few clicks, employees can borrow and return resources. Automatic notifications, transaction logs, and customizable options make resource management a breeze. Keep track of your valuable assets and optimize their usage with our Cuberion app.
The Expense Module streamlines expense management with versatile features, allowing easy recording and individual approval/rejection in the backend. This ensures compliance, targeted budget monitoring, and optimized reimbursement through receipt uploads. Automation saves time, enhances accuracy, and clear reports support strategic planning while fostering trust in the reimbursement process.
Promote internal product sales and choose the appropriate payment method. Additionally, the shop allows you to set up various categories and variants for your products, ensuring even more targeted selection and better clarity.

Time management

The Absence feature in Cuberion makes managing leaves a breeze. Employees can effortlessly request vacation time, while managers can easily track and approve absences. Enhance your workforce management with our user-friendly absence tracking system.
Our QR time tracking module offers a lightning-fast and straightforward way to track your working hours. Simply scan the QR code to clock in or clock out. This innovative solution makes time tracking convenient and efficient, saving valuable time.
Providing precise details about your tasks and work areas is a breeze. Clock in and out with second-level accuracy, and let the module do the work—it automatically calculates your hours and generates clear reports.
Delivering exact insights into your tasks and designated work zones is effortless. Log your start and end times with optimized precision, and allow the system to take charge—it seamlessly computes your target hours and produces comprehensive reports.
Weekly reports enable you to systematically track and document your weekly activities. Effortlessly log work hours, document milestones, and include additional entries such as holidays and expenses while capturing important events. With user-friendly features, maintain control over your work routine as the module automatically generates clear reports. Optimize your workflow and enhance communication by utilizing this module as a central platform for weekly documentation and information exchange.

Training and exchange

Our Jobs module is the central contact point for internal career opportunities in your company. Here you can publish job offers for internal position distribution and apply directly online. Employees can pursue their professional goals in a targeted manner and actively shape their career path. Our module supports you in promoting internal talent and finding the right talent for the right positions.
Our idea box module is a dynamic tool that promotes employee participation and creativity. It enables employees to easily contribute suggestions for improvements to the company culture, the team or other areas. This platform provides a secure and transparent way to share ideas, provide feedback, and increase innovation across the organization.
The learning portal offers a diverse range of training content that enables employees to expand their skills and knowledge at their own pace. With interactive learning materials, regular updates, and progress tracking, we promote continuous learning and professional development right within the app. This allows our team members to stay up-to-date and achieve their career goals.

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Appropriate and versatile functions for your business

The thematic areas of Cuberion 📲

Coordination and planning without problems

Efficient task and project organisation with Cuberion. Functions such as pending tasks and appointments help you to maintain an overview.

Further education and exchange made easy

Continuous training, interactive learning materials and knowledge sharing with your employees and customers.

Time and absence management and easily under control

Effective time planning and recording with Cuberion. Prioritise tasks, meet deadlines and increase your productivity.

Separate professional communication from leisure time

Increase productivity, avoid misunderstandings and communicate effortlessly with your team.

Records and document management

Keep track of all your company’s content. With our secure storage, you have access to important documents and information anytime, anywhere.

Logistics, resources and work equipment in one place

Increase productivity, avoid misunderstandings and communicate effortlessly with your team.

Developing custom functions and integrating existing interfaces?

Are you looking for a customized and specific function, and there’s nothing in our range that fits your needs? We are more than happy to design and develop a personalized solution for your Cuberion App. Cuberion can communicate with SORBA, Abacus, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Navision, Messerli, and other programs. We would be pleased to advise you on the integration possibilities with your existing system.