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Idea box

A suggestion collection, feedback platform and creativity channel

Our idea box module is a dynamic tool that promotes employee participation and creativity. It enables employees to easily contribute suggestions for improvements to the company culture, the team or other areas. This platform provides a secure and transparent way to share ideas, provide feedback, and increase innovation across the organization.

What’s included?

Employee engagement

The module promotes the active participation of employees in the company’s activities, as they can easily contribute their ideas and suggestions. This increases employee commitment and loyalty to the company.

Innovation Promotion

The continuous collection of ideas and suggestions from different areas of the company strengthens innovative power. New approaches and solutions can be developed and implemented.

Transparency and communication

The module creates transparency by promoting communication between employees and management level. Ideas can be discussed and managed, leading to a more open and participative work environment.

Click in, try it out, and be convinced ✅

Try out the prototype below and experience the feeling.