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Manual time management

Precise, efficient, and automated

Providing precise details about your tasks and work areas is a breeze. Clock in and out with second-level accuracy, and let the module do the work—it automatically calculates your hours and generates clear reports.

What’s included?

Precise Billing

The module allows for precise tracking of your working hours, including tasks and work areas. This minimizes errors in time tracking, resulting in more accurate billing and payroll.

Comprehensive Analysis

The module generates detailed reports of your working hours, aiding in a better understanding of your productivity. You can identify trends, optimize work patterns, and make informed decisions to enhance your performance.

Project Management

The module enables the allocation of your working hours to specific projects or tasks. This supports more effective project management by helping you track the progress of individual projects and allocate resources more efficiently.

Click in, try it out, and be convinced ✅

Try out the prototype below and experience the feeling.