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Borrow, rent and resource sharing

Our app provides a simple solution for efficient management of corporate resources. With just a few clicks, employees can borrow and return resources. Automatic notifications, transaction logs, and customizable options make resource management a breeze. Keep track of your valuable assets and optimize their usage with our Cuberion app.

What’s included?

Efficient Resource Utilization

The rental feature allows companies to optimize resource usage by enabling sharing among different employees. This reduces unused resources and lowers the cost of purchasing new items that are already available.

Time and Cost Savings

Cuberion’s automatic notifications and transaction logs significantly streamline the rental process, leading to reduced administrative overhead and enabling employees to quickly find and borrow needed resources, ultimately saving time and money.

Transparency and Control

Cuberion provides a transparent overview of resource usage. The feature’s customizability allows companies to set specific rules and approval processes to ensure that resources are used effectively and responsibly, promoting transparency and control over corporate assets.

Click in, try it out, and be convinced ✅

Try out the prototype below and experience the feeling.