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Contact organization, group assignment and communication options

Our Contacts module offers a comprehensive solution for managing and organizing your contacts. You can store all your contacts in one place and divide them into authorized groups. The module enables easy and efficient communication by providing direct contact options such as email and phone calls. With our module you’ll keep track of your contacts and you’ll be able to quickly connect with relevant people, making communication and collaboration easier.

What’s included?

Collect contact information

The module allows to collect and store all contact information about different contacts. This simplifies the management and access to important contact data.

Direct contact options

The module allows you to make contact directly from the application, either by email or phone call. This saves time and ensures smooth communication with your contacts.

Assign authorized groups

You can divide contacts into authorized groups, which makes it easier to organize and access specific contacts as needed. This enables targeted communication and increases efficiency when interacting with different audiences.

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