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Cuberion, the centerpiece of Cubera Solutions AG

Cuberion, the groundbreaking product from Cubera Solutions, is an absolute must for your daily work. Developed with dedication and passion by our talented team of IT experts and designers, Cuberion embodies efficiency and productivity. Since 2020, we at Cubera have been working tirelessly to continuously improve the app and provide you with a top-notch user experience. Cuberion is our pride and joy, a true flagship product that enhances your business.

That’s behind Cuberion

Behind Cuberion lies a team of nearly twenty passionate individuals, crafting their ingenious solutions at Cubera Solutions by the serene shores of Lake Zurich in Herrliberg. Here, amidst an atmosphere of creativity, boundless enthusiasm, and fueled by an abundance of coffee, they are pioneering a revolution that will reshape the work environment.

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CEO of Cubera Solutions AG

Michael Fretz


📞 +41 44 554 84 89

Sales Manager

Romano Antonucci


📞 +41 44 554 84 89

Cuberion in numbers 📈

Cuberion can offer a multitude of benefits, both for employees and the company.


enhanced employee engagement and collaboration

The easy access to news, events, and updates noticeably boosts employee engagement.


increased employee feedback, satisfaction, and ideas

Employees can submit their ideas and surveys through Cuberion, leading to a significant increase in engagement.


more time savings in information retrieval

Employees can quickly access relevant information through the app, resulting in significant time savings.


improved understanding of communication

Cuberion is available in the preferred language of your employees and is automatically translated.

Convince yourself by exploring the opinions of our customers.

More than 10,000 employees use Cuberion every day

CEO at Hägni AG

Domenico Lellamo, Hägni AG

Cuberion has been a significant part of Hägni AG from the beginning. We are grateful to have such an open and excellent solution in our company.

Project manager at Hägni AG

Jessica Palandri, Hägni AG

I find Cuberion very practical. It’s easy to understand and helps me stay organized. Highly recommended.