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Emergency numbers

Quick access to emergency contacts and safety management

Our emergency number module provides a reliable solution to efficiently manage key contact information for emergency situations. You can store all relevant numbers in one central location, from emergency medical numbers to important corporate contacts. When needed, you can call up these numbers with a single button click.

What’s included?

Quick response in emergencies

The module enables employees to call up important emergency numbers quickly and easily. This helps ensure that quick and appropriate action can be taken in emergencies, which increases safety in the workplace.

Efficient information management

The company benefits from efficient management of key contact details and emergency numbers. This ensures an organized and easily accessible source of information, which can be crucial in an emergency.

Trust building measure

Providing an emergency number module in the employee app demonstrates the company’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees. This can build trust and encourage employee engagement.

Click in, try it out, and be convinced ✅

Try out the prototype below and experience the feeling.