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Job offers, internal application portal and career opportunities

Our Jobs module is the central contact point for internal career opportunities in your company. Here you can publish job offers for internal position distribution and apply directly online. Employees can pursue their professional goals in a targeted manner and actively shape their career path. Our module supports you in promoting internal talent and finding the right talent for the right positions.

What’s included?

On one platform

The module offers the advantage that all internal career opportunities are available in one central location. Employees do not have to search through various sources to find suitable positions, which makes the job search process much easier.

Internal position distribution

The module enables companies to promote and develop their internal talent in a targeted manner. It creates transparency about vacant positions and offers employees the chance to apply for promotion opportunities or other internal development paths.

Apply directly

Employees can apply for the desired jobs directly via the platform. This significantly speeds up the application process and ensures that the requirements and qualifications of the candidates are known within the company, making the selection processes more efficient.

Click in, try it out, and be convinced ✅

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